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#119: Lena Scullard - Building Confidence

March 15, 2021 Alex Morrall Season 1 Episode 119
The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast
#119: Lena Scullard - Building Confidence
Show Notes

Lena's Bio: Lena Scullard began LMS Productions with one goal in mind, to empower people to improve their confidence and sense of capability throughout their personal and professional lives. As a professional speaker, facilitator, program designer, and consultant, Lena brings creative and engaging development opportunities to organizations across the country.  Lena’s programs have lasting impact, because they create memorable and emotional connections and leave people excited about applying new ideas in innovative ways.
 Her programs encourage insight to help identify obstacles so that people can discover the best version of themselves. They are created to focus on unlocking the motivations, ideas, and feelings of others and inspire people to reach toward goals of excellence. Lena’s expertise includes Personal and Interpersonal Skills Development, which she believes are the foundations of effectiveness, for both individuals and teams. She has facilitated programs from Franklin Covey, The Pacific Institute, Achieve Forum, and DiSC, and has been designing and delivering training programs for a decade. In addition to several facilitation certifications, Lena holds degrees in Theater and English Literature.
 Lena grew up in rural Minnesota, surrounded by a supportive family (despite her crazy dreams and pursuits) and a tremendously close community. At the age of 8, Lena was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes, which brought her strength and steadiness, despite hardships and tough life lessons that she often shares with her audience. She remains active in Community Theater and loves adventure and getting involved in planning events. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and spunky dog, Moxie.

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