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#118: Brad Lantz - MindSync

February 23, 2021 Alex Morrall Season 1 Episode 118
The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast
#118: Brad Lantz - MindSync
Show Notes

Brad's Bio: Brad started his career in corporate marketing where he achieved success as a marketing executive with advertising agencies and as a Director of Marketing of a Fortune 500 company.  He led Inner Circle, (CEO/Owner peer groups), where he facilitated meetings and coached over 130 CEOs to grow their businesses on average by 20%. COVID changed his direction, and he became a Certified Mind Health Coach. 

His company, MindSync, shows clients how to defrag their minds to allow the software they were born with to run better.  They can then use it to turn down their emotions, imaginations and memories in the moment rather than regret that time when they lost it. They can calm their minds to achieve better focus, health, reduced stress and anxiety and achieve greater performance.

His 3MX program – Mindfulness – Bring Awareness to the Present, Meditation – Deep Relaxation to Adjust the Past to Realize a Better Future, Movement – Towards Improvement – Constantly Creating a Life You Love - together they provide the Xponential factor of synergism and rapid adoption. 

MindSync shares a nine-step program to better sleep, more energy, and less stress. It can even lower your golf score. 

Mind Health Coach, Bibliophile, Golfer, Proud Husband and Grandfather, Veteran and Wine and Food Enthusiast.

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